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by Fakolith Chemical Systems

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Powder additive based on polyamide micro-spheres that mixed with paints and varnishes of 2 compounds, epoxies or polyurethane, provides a rough non-slip finish, mainly for use on pavements.
Product description

DESCRIPTION AND MAIN USE: FAKOLITH SLIP STOP is a powdered additive. Additive based in polyamide micro-spheres, easy to apply, high quality and low water absorption, mixed with paints and varnishes mainly 2-component, epoxy or polyurethane. It provides a non-slip rough finish, mainly for use in pavements.

APPLICATION OF FAKOLITH SLIP STOP (FK-45): Protect all surfaces that should not be applied. Both the preparation of the base as the first two coats of epoxy paint or polyurethane, such as the FK-45 paint should be made according to technical data sheet FK-45 (application for flooring with non-slip finish). SLIP STOP FAKOLITH will be added in the last hand of FK-45. To do this, mix well both components of the paint, adding component B on A with mechanical stirring. Then, add 3% by weight of anti-slip additive on the total mixture of epoxy paint by mechanical agitation.

RECOMMENDED MIXING RATIO (FK-45): 250 gr of FAKOLITH SLIP STOP for each set of 7,5 Kg of FK-45, to convert all the set in anti-slip (3%). Depending on the antiskid effect desired, the amount can be increased to 6% by weight. If the degree of roughness or resistance is not sufficient for the use required, it must be chosen a system with quartz sand QuarzMix in pavements.

AVERAGE CONSUMPTION: Between 3 and 6% of FAKOLITH SLIP STOP by weight of the last hand paint.

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