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macs Asur

Stripper gel that removes several layers at once like paints, lacquers, glues, enamels, antifoulings, varnishes and 1 compound coatings. Suitable for industry, facades, restoration, civil works, nautical sector, garages, boilers work, maintenance...

Product description

DESCRIPTION: macs Asur is a gel paint stripper that blends slowly evaporating esters with special solvents. Asur paint stripper is free of chlorinated hydro-carbons, dichloromethane, aromatic hydrocarbons and paraffin and is not corrosive in contact with skin.

MAIN USE: macs Asur is recommended when stripping several coats of paint at the same time, from both small and large, interior and exterior, solvent-resistant surfaces, and is capable of stripping the vast majority of single-component paint systems, such as latex dispersion or acrylic paints, synthetic rendering, synthetic resin and colourless lacquers, nitrogen-alcohol varnishes, antifouling paints, matt or polished finishes, plasters, fibreglass glues and polyurethane foams, on solvent-resistant bases such as natural stone, wood, metal, reinforced with fibreglass, gel-coat… While Asur also acts on some bi-component systems (not epoxy), if it is not sufficiently powerful or fast-acting for your requirements use macs Oxystrip, which is very effective for the removal of bi-component systems. Can be used across a wide range of sectors, including façades, civil engineering, industry in general, the nautical sector, etc.

HOW TO APPLY: Before applying macs Asur the product must be mechanically stirred until it has taken on a homogeneous consistency. Above all make sure that the product application is saturated. In the case of very thick coats of paint first scrape off any loose layers before the application of ASUR. Apply uniformly, using an airless spray gun, natural pig-bristle brushes or rollers. In order to optimise consumption and accelerate the process, particularly on extensive surfaces, we recommend that after application the surface be covered with a plastic film, pressing gently down with a roller, applying hardly any pressure. In general the product should then be left to act for anything between 1 and 24 or even 48 hours. After 1 hour has elapsed use a scraper to test whether the product has effectively impregnated as far as the base surface, as this is the ideal moment to eliminate it, initially using trowels or scrapers to remove thick coats, and then rinsing with water (preferably hot) under pressure. Always work from the bottom up. In general, subsequent light cleaning using our FK-12 detergent cleaner is recommended. For further details consult the specifications sheet and/or application guidelines, along with the safety sheet.

AVERAGE YIELD: macs Asur provides a yield of approx. 0.5 to 4 litre/m², although this may vary considerably depending on the number of coats and the product to be stripped. As a guideline you should allow for a minimum consumption factor of 1 to 1.4, i.e. in order to strip a dry thickness of 100 microns, apply a thickness of at least 100-140 microns of macs Asur, depending on the type and state of the paint that you are stripping.

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