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by Fakolith Chemical Systems


Nano-primer with high penetration and fast drying, as a bonding bridge before painting surfaces in general with dispersion paints, and especially those with humidity and affection of moulds and microorganisms. Treated with BioFilmStop antimicrobial technology.

Product description

PRODUCT SUMMARY: DISPERLITH PRIMER is a water-based consolidating primer, with hybrid resins and quartz nano-spheres, ideal as a primer prior to painting with paints from the Disperlith range and dispersion paints in general.

Low Voc, fast drying, breathable and with high penetration in the base. Ideal for fixing, consolidating and bridging surfaces before painting. Can be applied on mineral bases, pladur®, bases painted with dispersion paints, mineral paints, sol-silicate, silicone resin and other paints and coatings that are deteriorated but well adhered to the base.

Highly moisture resistant primer, treated with BioFilmStop antimicrobial technology (BPR Art.3) effective against internal regeneration of bacteria, biofilm, moulds and yeasts.

MODE OF APPLICATION: Those bases that were affected by moisture and microorganisms should be pre-cleaned with the moisture damage cleaner FK-12.

After the cleaning has dried, the primer will be applied, without dilution, and according to the needs of each surface, 1 or 2 coats will be applied by brush, roller, spray or airless.

CONSUMPTION - PERFORMANCE: DISPERLITH PRIMER has a coverage of approximately 4-10 m²/l. Depending on the way of application, texture and absorption of the base coat it can vary considerably.

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