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by Fakolith Chemical Systems

FK-9 Gel

Rust removal and lime-descaler cleaner gel, on surfaces resistant to acidic solutions. Its gel format facilitates its application, prevents from dripping and optimizes its consumption. Suitable for food industry and industry in general, boilers work, restorations, facades and civil works.

Product description

DESCRIPTION AND MAIN USE: FAKOLITH FK-9 Gel is a cleaner for the removal of rust from metals and lime-descaler, for use on surfaces resistant to acidic solutions. The gel format makes for easy application, avoids dripping and optimises consumption. Mainly for use in the food industry, industry in general, construction and civil engineering. Health Register FAKOLITH: RGSEAA ES-39.005259/T y ROESP E-0043-E.

HOW TO APPLY: Carefully protect all surfaces that are not to be treated from splashing. Generally speaking FK-9 Gel is applied abundantly, using synthetic brushes, to the rusty area of the metal and left to soak in until the rust is seen to have been removed. The product can be scrubbed in using a brush with stiff plastic bristles, working particularly on the worst affected areas. The layer of gel, along with the remains of the rust or limescale, must be cleaned off before it can dry, and the surface washed down and thoroughly rinsed using pressurised water. If so required the operation can be repeated. After rinsing with water we recommend that you dry the metallic surfaces using a solvent impregnated rag, and then either prime it or duly protect it as soon as possible, given that if you do not do so the rust will rapidly reappear. If you want to eliminate limescale make sure that the base is resistant to acidic solutions and proceed as indicated above, although in this case the process will be much faster. For further details consult the specifications sheet and/or application guidelines, along with the safety sheet.

AVERAGE YIELD: FK-9 Gel provides a variable yield although, depending on the extent of the corrosion to be eliminated, this may vary considerably.

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