pintura alimentaria


by Fakolith Chemical Systems

pintura sanitaria


Concentrate detergent cleaner for grease, pollution, scorched, biofilm matrix, damages caused by mold, soot and industrial dirt in general, on surfaces resistant to alkaline solutions. Suitable for food industry, industry in general, garages, construction and civil works.
Product description

DESCRIPTION AND MAIN USE: FAKOLITH FK-111 is a detergent cleaner for use with grease-based dirt or grime, pollution, biofilms matrix, scorching or industrial grime in general, on surfaces resistant to alkaline solutions. Mainly for use in the food industry, industry in general, construction and civil engineering. Health Register FAKOLITH RGSEAA ES-39.005259/T y ROESP E-0043-E.

RECOMMENDED THINNER: 1 part FK-111 to 4 parts water. Can also be used undiluted if necessary, in more contaminated areas or when speed of action is required.

HOW TO APPLY: Carefully protect all surfaces that are not to be treated from splashing. Apply diluted FK-111 using spray guns, brushes or rollers and immediately activate the product by scrubbing with a brush with stiff plastic bristles, working particularly on the worst affected areas. Allow 15-20 minutes to pass, although always before it has dried, and then wash off and rinse thoroughly using water under pressure. If so required the operation can be repeated. Leave to dry before going ahead with possible additional treatments. For further details consult the specifications sheet and/or application guidelines, along with the safety sheet.

AVERAGE YIELD: Undiluted FK-111 provides a yield of approx. 8-12 litres/m², although depending on the extent of the contamination this may vary considerably.

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