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by Fakolith Chemical Systems

pintura sanitaria


It is a food contact enamel, low odor solvent based, certified for direct and indirect contact with food, easy to apply and excellent finish. For painting multiple surfaces up to medium stress in the food industry, wood, objects, walls, ceilings, equipment...

Product description

DESCRIPTION: DISPERSOL FoodGrade is an enamel dispersion food contact safe paint, based on a non-aromatic solvent, and 100% pure acrylates, low odor, free of APEO, ammonia, formaldehyde and heavy metals, with high resistance to humidity, for indoor and outdoor use. DISPERSOL FoodGrade forms a highly balanced enamel paint film, easy to apply, low odor and excellent matte finish, which conforms to DIN EN 13300 is wet scrub resistant Class 1, with covering Class 2 (250 ml / m²), excellent water vapor permeability Class 1 (SD = 0.48), and very low water absorption Class 3 (W = 0.05). Generally, it has good adhesion on multiple surfaces. It could be applied in a temperature from 2-3ºC (without ice and in dry environment and base) and max 75% relative humidity. This paint is resistant to most of disinfectants and cleaners according to Test DIN EN ISO 4628-2: 2004-01 made by TÜV SÜD Germany and / or Fakolith R+D+i. (For more security consult before its use our Technical Department). Available in white, grey RAL 7004, metallic grey RAL (9006), green RAL 6002, and blue RAL 5012, check availability and minimum quantity for other colors.

FOODGRADE FDA and EU TECHNOLOGY: DISPERSOL FoodGrade is certified as enamel food contact paint suitable for direct and indirect contact with food and beverages, within the Official R & D & I project "FDA & EU FOODGRADE COATINGS RTC-2016-5067-2" that Fakolith leads together with the Technological Center AIMPLAS. As a novelty, complies with the 2 standards for food-grade paints of international reference, both the American FDA 21 CFR 175.300 and the European Regulation EU 10/2011, in addition to complying with all the rest of the in force regulations for food contact materials, EC Regulation 852/2004, Regulation 1935/2004 / CE, Regulation EC 1895/2005, separate production under HACCP and Regulation EC 2023/2006 GMP, as well as RD 847/2011 and subsequent updates as Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 and FDA 21 CFR 175.300. DISPERSOL FoodGrade has the mandatory Compliance Declaration - with all the tests and rules for food contact, traceability and good praxis manufacturing that it complies. Sanitary Registration FAKOLITH RGSEAA ES-39.005259/T and ROESP E-0043-E.

BIOFILMSTOP SANITARY TECHNOLOGY (treated article BPR Art.3 and FDA 21 CFR 175.300): DISPERSOL FoodGrade combines FoodGrade Technology with BioFilmStop Inhibition Technology, highly resistant to biofilm and bacteria, ISO 22196:2011 (Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Bacillus subtillis, Pseudonomas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enteritidis, Legionella pneumophila...) also notably improving HACCP, food safety and asepsis in the user company, while combining Fakolith’s innovative FOODTECH film protection technology, based on food preservatives.

RECOMMENDED USE: Although the enamel paint Dispersol FoodGrade, after its due curing does not migrate toxic substances to food, due to its nature as a monocomponent dispersion paint, DISPERSOL FoodGrade has been designed mainly for use on open surfaces of walls, ceilings, some parts of equipment and objects, as well as for indirect contact by drops of condensation or occasional. It is not recommended for interiors of food and beverage deposits, nor situations of high physical-chemical stress, where in general the epoxy range FK-45 FoodGrade should be used due to its greater physical-chemical resistance (see limitations of Dispersol in the technical data sheet, and in case of doubt, contact our technical service). Compatible with most surfaces properly primed as the case may be, lacquered sandwich panels and other compatible paints and / or previous primers, well attached and resistant to the Cut-Cross Test Class 0-1 UNE-DIN EN ISO 2409: 2007. Ideal as a paint-enamel of low odor for painting, maintenance and renovation of multiple surfaces, in food industry, health sector, pharma and cosmetics, industry in general, construction and civil works.

AVERAGE YIELD: DlSPERSOL FoodGrade has a yield of approx. 3-5 m²/l, applied in two hands, although this can vary considerably, depending on how it is applied and the texture and absorption of the surface.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is in process of approval and testing, so the information offered here is an informative advance. It will be updated continuously until the issuance of its definitive technical and safety data sheet, and its launching on the market.

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