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Food contact paint for pipe lining

Description of the problem

The interior renovation of pipes for drinking water, water for food, livestock or agricultural processes, is carried out by specialized companies both in industry and in homes. These companies have the necessary equipment for the previous sanitation of the pipes, the elimination of rust, corrosion, biofilm, etc., leaving the metal surface clean and with the appropriate roughness to be painted. Subsequently, with special paint application and drying equipment, they proceed to coat the interior surface of the pipes with our paints suitable for contact with food, beverages and drinking water. Special equipment is also used to accelerate curing and shorten commissioning. These specialized companies make it possible to repair and condition existing pipelines without the need for construction work.

Summary of the most common basic solution and procedure


Only with specialized companies:

FAKOLITH FK-100 FOODGRADE: Currently the most avant-garde paint used in this sector is the Bio-Hybrid food epoxy, FK-100 FoodGrade, the only one worldwide certified under the European Regulation EU 10/2011 and the American FDA 21 CFR 175.300. In addition, FK-100 FoodGrade as a bio-hybrid epoxy paint is exempted from hazardous goods transport by road, sea or air.

Application process

1.- FK-100 FoodGrade

PRODUCT SUMMARY: FK-100 FoodGrade is a 100% solid, 2-component epoxy food contact bio-hybrid paint, with double certification for direct contact with food and beverages, the European EU 10/2011, and the American FDA 21 CFR 175.300. High performance paint, low Voc,  low bio-based odor, gloss finish, with CE marking tests and excellent anticorrosive and physicochemical resistance in its category. Especially indicated for the protection and painting of surfaces in direct, ocassional and indirect contact with food, beverages, water for food processing and drinking water.

Product treated (BPR Art 3 and 58) with BioFilmStop FG antimicrobial technology, specific FoodGrade version, highly effectiveness tested against bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms such as coronavirus, and always according to EU 10/2011 and FDA 21 CFR 175.300 regulations. ISO 22196 and ISO 21702 effectiveness test (Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Bacillus subtillis, Pseudomonas aureginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enteritidis, Legionella pnemophila, Coronavirus Feline). The paints and coatings of the Fakolith FoodGrade range contribute to the positive compliance with CE 852/2004, are manufactured under HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) according to CE 2023/2006 and/or FDA 21 CFR 174.5, improving the hygiene, food and health safety of surfaces and environments.

FIELDS OF USE: Following the technical indications for each system, FK-100 FoodGrade can be applied inside silos, tanks and pipes, walls, ceilings, skirting boards, floors, metal structures, machinery and equipment, large aquariums and fish farms, cold and freezing rooms, food warehouses, panels, food transport, etc., always indoors. Especially in the food industry and healthcare sectors, hospitals and clinics, and also in industry, civil works and public and private buildings in general. Compatible with most mineral surfaces, concrete, sandblasted metals SA 2,5 Rz>50, metals properly primed, lacquered panels and on other paints and / or compatible primers well bonded and other surfaces resistant to cut-cross test Class 0-1 UNE-DIN EN ISO 2409:2007 and traction EN ISO 4624:2016 Rigid Systems: ≥1,0 (0,7) b N/mm2. (Without traffic loads) and: ≥2,0 (1,5) b N/mm2 (With traffic loads).

STANDARD COLORS: Pearl White RAL 1013, Oxide Red RAL 3009 and Grey RAL 7004 (Please check availability, price and minimum required quantity for other colors from our FoodGrade chart or other RAL colors, except white which is not available in this product).

APPLICABLE with brush, roller, Airless or AirMix preferably heated.

With Declaration of Compliance, Performance and CE marking.

PAINT AVERAGE YIELD: according to recommended coat thickness, depending on use of FK-100 FoodGrade

- Dry thickness = Wet thickness: 200 µm - consumption is 265 gr/m² - a yield of 3,77 m²/kg.
- Dry thickness = Wet thickness: 300 µm - consumption is 395 gr/m² - a yield of 2,53 m²/kg.
- Dry thickness = Wet thickness: 350 µm - consumption is 463 gr/m² - a yield of 2,16 m²/kg.
- Dry thickness = Wet thickness: 400 µm - consumption is 530 gr/m² - a yield of 1,89 m²/kg.
- Dry thickness = Wet thickness: 500 µm - consumption is 660 gr/m² - a yield of 1,51 m²/kg.
- Dry thickness = Wet thickness: 700 µm - consumption is 925 gr/m² - a yield of 1,08 m²/kg.


- Dry thickness = Wet thickness: 50 µm - consumption is 51,5 gr/m² - a yield of 19,4 m²/kg.
- Dry thickness = Wet thickness: 75 µm - consumption is 77,3 gr/m² - a yield of 12,9 m²/kg.
- Dry thickness = Wet thickness: 100 µm - consumption is 103gr/m² - a yield of 9,7 m²/kg.

For a correct application follow the indications in the technical sheets, application guides and safety data sheets. In case of doubt consult our technical service.

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