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Welcome to Fakolith's Blog, dedicated mainly to the food industry, but also to health sectors, the pharmaceutical sector and other situations where maximum hygiene and food or sanitary safety are a priority. You will regularly find technical articles, case studies, news, legislative information, trends, Research trends, etc., about our solutions based on our wide range of food safe contact varnishes and paints for direct contact with food, as well as our solutions with hygienic paints with BioFilmStop Technology and high resistance to humidity, biofilm growth, bacteria, fungi, yeast, resistance to cleaning and disinfection, etc. If you have not already done so, we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter, to be up to date with all the solutions and opportunities that Fakolith offers you.

"The truth about food grade paints" Interview with Antonio Gómez, Deputy Director of Fakolith Chemical Systems

In the 48th edition of the magazine “Sólo Pintura – Only Paint” was published an interview about food contact paints to our Deputy Director - Antonio Gómez. Due to space reasons it could not be published completely, but now you can read completely in our Fakolith’s blog.

'We want to be the benchmark of food contact paints in Europe'

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