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Published on 24-05-2018 by Fakolith Chemical Systems

Technological innovation must translate into practical solutions. For this reason, we have dedicated a section of our website to regularly publish the most necessary solutions and application guides for the food industry, with our foodgrade and hygienic varnishes and paints for direct, indirect and occasional contact. Discover our main solutions here:

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FoodGrade and Hygienic Varnishes and paints with Compliance Declaration to paint and renew:

  • Silos and deposits of food, beverages and drinking water.
  • Floors and pavements
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Sandwich panel
  • Refrigeration and freezing chambers
  • Transport elements, agri-food trailers, etc.
  • Clean Rooms - Clean Rooms
  • Machinery, agitators, reducers, pumps
  • Facilities
  • Utensils
  • Interior and exterior of pipes
  • Food packaging
  • Customized solutions

Discover our main solutions, detailed here


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