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Budget software

Welcome to CALCULITH, the budget calculation and pricing software for Fakolith's paints, varnishes, surface treatments and mortars. CALCULITH allows our collaborators, distributors, prescribers, engineers, architects' offices, OEM clients, etc ... to make budgets with Fakolith products, based on their performance, knowing their impact on price per m².

We have already launched CALCULITH, our new online budget calculation software. With CALCULITH you will be able to create, modify and quickly manage many budgets of Fakolith products and systems as you wish. Enter the m2, select the appropriate yield or thickness, and the software will calculate the amount of product, the necessary packaging and its PVR price. That easy!

We leave you with this presentation video where you can quickly get an idea of all the advantages of this revolutionary software.

To become familiar with CALCULITH, we recommend that you consult the complete help manual with explanatory videos in this link.

If you are interested in benefiting from the advantages of this software and you are not yet a distributor of Fakolith products, please let us know through our contact form or writing to