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About us

by Fakolith Chemical Systems

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About us

The Fakolith group is a family company that was founded in Germany more than 50 years ago. Both in Germany and in Spain, it has a Research & Development & Innovation Centre, a manufacturing plant for special paints and surface treatments, a specific plant with HACCP and a Health EU Authority Registry for food contact and Hygienic paints, a regulatory warehouse, a training centre and technical service pre-post-in sale. Outstanding brands marketed are Fakolith FK, Elite, FoodGrade, BioFilmStop, FoodTech, and others from our partners Scheidel, Mixol and other leading European manufacturers.

Passion for innovation


Research in new technologies for developing systems of paints, coatings and chemical treatments, which provide innovative solutions in cleaning, preparing, repairing, finishing, decorating and providing long-term protection to surfaces.


Lead in our sector, the development of disruptive innovations that allow us to discover new «blue oceans», promoting cooperation and collective creativity, to motivate holistic solutions for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our main values

Equality, Integrity, Respect and Transparency define our DNA, enhancing the rest of our main values.


We must take care of the most important aspects of our organization with the means at our disposal, create a good atmosphere, promote equality and teamwork, passion for collective creativity and the generation of added value.


Move to action, with open-mind, to realize good ideas and synergic creativity promoted by our team, customers and partners.


To satisfy our customers needs guaranteeing the certified quality and traceability of our products and services.


To provide shared and balanced benefits to the society, employees, partners, customers and shareholders.