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by Fakolith Chemical Systems

macs Oxystrip

Stripper gel that removes several layers at once like paints, lacquers, glues, enamels, antifoulings, varnishes and 2 compounds coatings. Suitable for industry, facades, restoration, civil works, nautical sector, garages, boilers work, maintenance...

Product description

DESCRIPTION: Macs Oxystrip is a gel stripper paint and remover system that combines active oxygen, alcohols and organic acids. Macs Oxystrip chlorinated hydrocarbons dichloromethane, aromatic hydrocarbons and paraffin free, and is not corrosive to the skin. It has Health Registration FAKOLITH RGSEAA ES-39.005259 / T and ROESP E-0043-E.

MAIN USE: Especially suitable for removing paint on metal or waterproof paint systems on hard bases such as concrete or similar. Dissolves and removes polyurethane and two component systems, alkyd resin, acrylate, epoxy resins, powder paints, antifouling, and one component paints quickly. It is suitable for aluminum, titanium, cast iron, steel with little carbon content. It is also suitable for acid-resistant mineral bases. It is used in numerous industries such as facades, civil engineering, general industry, nautical, etc. Technical limitations: Magnesium and steels with high carbon content, limestone, marble, plastics plasticizers.

HOW TO APPLY: Protect all surfaces that won’t be treated or could be splattered. Before applying Oxystrip, it must be removed mechanically until its homogeneous consistency. Ensure a saturated product application. In the case of very thick layers of paint, first scrape off loose layers and then apply Oxystrip macs. Apply the stripper evenly with airless equipment. If you want to apply by hand, dilute Oxystrip with 5-10% of Oxystrip Fluid, mix with electric mixer, and wait about 15 minutes before its application with natural bristle brushes, rollers, etc. Especially in large areas, in order to optimize consumption and accelerate the process, we recommend after application cover the stripper with plastic film over without pressing. Leave on generally between 1 and up to 24 hours. After 1 hour testing with a spatula to determine when the stripper has come effectively to the base, because that will be the ideal place to first remove with trowels and spatulas the bulk, then rinse with water under pressure (better hot water), always from bottom to top. In general it is recommended to clean softly with FK-12. For further details see technical data sheet, application guides and safety data sheet.

AVERAGE YIELD: The average consumption of macs Oxystrip is between 0,5 - 4 m²/l. and its consumption is highly variable depending on the product and layers that have to be stripping. As a guideline use the minimum factor consumption of 1 to 1,4. For example, for stripping 100 microns dry, apply at least 100-140 microns of Oxystrip macs, depending on the type and condition of the paint to be removed.

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