pintura alimentaria


by Fakolith Chemical Systems

pintura sanitaria


Hygienic paint for extreme situations, high resistance to humidity and its consequences, treated with BioFilmStop antimicrobial technology against moulds, bacteria and biofilm. Mainly used in extreme outdoor or well ventilated indoor situations. Solvent-based.

Product description

DISPERLITH EXTREM (FK-31) is a hygienic paint for extreme situations, treated with BioFilmStop (Art 3. BPR) antimicrobial technology with high resistance to humidity, and its consequences: biofilm, bacteria, mould, yeast, moss and algae. Formulated on the basis of solvent-modified acrylic copolymers (universal), free of ammonia, APEO, formaldehyde, phthalates, BPA, heavy metals, polyhalophenols and polyhaloanisoles. Matt finish in interiors and exteriors, excellent coverage and insulating power, waterproofing, adhesion, and drying from 0ºC.

As a finish for open surfaces, walls and ceilings, channels, facades and civil works in interiors and exteriors. In the food industry, health sector, industry in general, construction and civil works. Available in white, light colours NCS or RAL. Especially suitable where water-based dispersion paints are not sufficient, and 2-component paints are complex to apply.

PROPERTIES: According to DIN EN 13300:2002 and DIN EN 1062-1 it is resistant to wet rubbing Class 1 (<5 μm), coverage Class 1 (250 ml/m2), transpiration water vapour Class V2 (SD= 0,65 [m]), and permeability to liquid water Class W3 (W24=0,0059 [kg/m2√24h]). Estimated Euroclass B-s2, d0. Excellent adhesion on multiple surfaces, resistant to weathering, carbonation and alkalinity of the base.intura treated with BioFilmStop antimicrobial technology against bacteria, fungi and yeasts, algae and moss, qualitatively and quantitatively tested by Fakolith as an intensive R+D+i innovative SME, within the framework of ongoing official research projects, and according to ASTM D2574-06, ISO 22196, ISO 15457 standards. Paint with good resistance to most disinfectants and cleaners according to Test DIN EN ISO 4628-2: 2004-01 carried out by Fakolith's R+D+i department (In case of doubt, please consult our Technical Department).

CONSUMPTION - PERFORMANCE: Depending on the state and type of base, we recommend between 200-333 ml/m², applied in at least 2 coats, with a total yield of between 3 and 5 m²/l.

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