pintura alimentaria


by Fakolith Chemical Systems

pintura sanitaria


Anti-mold kit, for cleaning, priming and painting in white color, small surfaces up to 10m² attacked by moisture, mold, bacteria, biofilm, viruses... generally for use in homes, buildings and industry. Contains "FK-12 Gel" Cleaner, the primimg agent "Disperlith Primer" and the hygienic paint "Disperlith Industry".

Product description

DESCRIPTION AND MAIN USE: Kit composed by 1 liter of FK-12 GEL cleaner, 1 liter of Disperlith Primer, 2,5 liters of Disperlith, use and safety instructions, mask, gloves, sponge and technical report molds in buildings. It is suitable to clean up and paint, for a long term, surfaces that have been affected by moisture and mold.

APPLICATION: Protect all surfaces that are not to be treated or could be splattered. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

1- CLEANING: Apply "FK-12 Gel" dampness cleaner generously to theaffected area with a brush, rub with the scrub pad and leave to act for 5 minutes. Then remove inconsistent parts, and rinse with the sponge and clean water. Allow to dry completely. If necessary, repeat the operation until the surface no longer shows any damage.
It is normal that the area may remain with stains, since FK-12 Gel is not an oxidizing product and does not produce the misleading bleaching effect of bleach.

2- PRIMER: After the previous cleaning and sanitation process, apply undiluted and on the dry surface, the penetrating primer "Disperlith Primer", which will increase the resistance to moisture, mold and microorganisms from the inside of the base, while providing an adequate adhesion of the subsequent paint.
Allow to dry completely, and do not rinse with water.

3- PAINT: After the primer has dried, apply 2 to 3 coats of DISPERLITH Industry paint by brush or roller to provide a paint film with high resistance to moisture, mold, mildew, bacteria, biofilm and viruses. Disperlith Industry is commonly used on severely affected and critical surfaces in the food industry, health care industry and buildings in general, and home.. Disperlith can be pigmented with Mixol until a concentration of 3%.

AVERAGE YIELD: All components included in this KIT are calculated to repair an approximate area of 10 sqm.

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