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by Fakolith Chemical Systems

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2 component water based epoxy primer, adhesive and anticorrosive, for metals and alloys, iron, steel, galvanized, copper, aluminum, inox. Ideal for repair and preparation of subsequent finishes on metal surfaces and other compatible surfaces. It is easy to apply, low odor, fast drying and applicable from low temperatures.

Product description

PRODUCT SUMMARY: FK-44 Pox is a 2-component waterborne epoxy primer, providing excellent adhesion on a wide range of metals and alloys in general, adding miscellaneous anticorrosive properties of zinc and aluminum phosphate, lamellar fillers and organic anticorrosive agents. It is a low voc primer, easy to apply, low odor, low thickness, very fast drying, able to start drying even at low temperatures. 

FIELDS OF USE: Primer recommended mainly for open surfaces of iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, galvanized and aluminum, sandwich panel, metal structures, equipment, etc.. It is also recommended for partial repairs of open surfaces, since it can be applied over remains of other compatible primers and paints, properly prepared, well adhered to the base and in good condition. Compatible and recommended for metal surfaces that can be finished with 1 and 2 component Fakolith paints and coatings. For use as an initial waterborne epoxy primer in anti-corrosion systems based on ISO 12944. Used as a regulating and adherence primer it can be applied on consistent mineral bases and other compatible surfaces.

STANDARD COLOR: Light Gray RAL 7035 (White, on request)

APPLICABLE by brush, roller, Airmix or Airless.

AVERAGE YIELD: It is variable, depending on the recommended layer thickness, the texture and absorption of the surface and application method, and its average yield can range between 6.25 and 12.5 m² per liter.

- For a thickness of 40 µm dry - 80 ml/m² are consumed - yielding 12.5 m²/l.
- For a dry thickness of 80 µm - 160 ml/m² - yielding 6.25 m²/l.

For a correct application follow the indications in the technical data sheets, application guides and safety data sheets. In case of doubt, please contact our technical service.

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