pintura alimentaria


by Fakolith Chemical Systems

pintura sanitaria


Concentrated detergent cleaner for damage caused by moisture, moulds, moss, micro-organisms, saltpetre, hygroscopic salts and dirt in general, on surfaces resistant to acidic solutions. Used in industry in general, food industry, rehabilitation, facades and civil works.

Product description

PRODUCT SUMMARY: Concentrated water-based detergent cleaner, free of chlorine and formaldehyde, biodegradable and compatible with moisture. Wide range of applications and sectors, for use both indoors and outdoors, on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

For cleaning moisture damage on surfaces of various materials; saltpetre blooms, lime blooms, surface damage caused by the action of microorganisms such as mould, moss, bacteria and biofilm matrix, as well as medium-grade pollution. Mainly used in industry in general, food industry, health sector, establishments in general, restoration of facades and heritage, civil works.

It presents a notorious descaling power of penetration, leaving the pore of the base, clean, open and receptive for later treatments; consolidators, protectors, waterproofing impregnations, primers, paints and coatings, anti-graffiti protections, etc. Its tensoactive components facilitate the neutralization of the base, after rinsing with water. With Declaration of Conformity.

MODE OF APPLICATION: Application from concentrated to dissolved 1:4 in water as a general rule. Adapt the dissolution according to the needs and conditions of each surface. The higher the concentration, the faster the action, and the higher the capacity to clean the damage. Especially to eliminate lime and microorganisms in wood will be applied without dilution.

Once the dissolution is done, apply preferably from the upper area, with brush, sponge, mop, spray, as appropriate in each case:

- Insist where the reaction is triggered and rub the affected area with brushes.
- Rinse with water before the product and the dissolved dirt dry.
- Allow to dry before proceeding with other treatments.

CONSUMPTION - PERFORMANCE: It is very variable, depending on the solution used, type and absorption of the surface, method of application, type and degree of dirt or affection, so its average performance can vary between 4 m² and 15 m² per litre of concentrate.

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