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by Fakolith Chemical Systems

pintura sanitaria

FK-45 OEM Solvent FG

Foodgrade solvent, based on hydrophilic alcohol, for the Fakolith two-component foodgrade epoxy paints. It is added on the mixture to adjust viscosity and lengthen the pot-life.

Product description

DESCRIPTION AND RECOMMENDED USE: FK-45 OEM Solvent FG is a foodgrade, hydrophilic alcohol based solvent for use with the two-component epoxy FoodGrade paints in the FK-45 range. If necessary you can add up to 5-10% of weight to the two-component FoodGrade paint, after mixing A and B together, in order to reduce viscosity and obtain a more fluid paint with improved levelling and penetration qualities, or for application using Airless-Airmix spray guns. It is suitable on floors and cold environments. Also for cleaning the utensils used to apply the paint.

HOW TO APPLY WITH FK-45: Add no more than 10%. Consult FK-45 specifications sheet.

AVERAGE CONSUMPTION: Variable depending on use.

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