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DISPERLITH FoodGrade Elastic

Foodgrade paint or transparent varnish, mono-component and water-based, suitable for being in direct and indirect contact with food and drinking water, certified EU 10/2011. Mainly for concrete tanks containing water, walls, ceilings and objects of the food industry.

Product description

FEATURES: Disperlith FoodGrade Elastic water-based 1-component paint or colorless varnish, certified for direct and indirect contact with food and drinking water, according to European Regulation EU 10/2011 and its subsequent amendments. Food contact paint formulated with modified acrylic copolymers, Bisphenol A free (BPA free), with good coverage, excellent balance between high impermeability, elasticity and good adhesion, low odor, fast drying, applicable from low temperatures (>3ºC). It has EC marking tests that confirms an excellent physicochemical resistance in its category.

Product treated (BPR Art 3 and 58) with BioFilmStop FG antimicrobial technology, specific FoodGrade version, highly effectiveness tested against bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms such as coronavirus, and always according to EU 10/2011 and FDA 21 CFR 175.300 regulations. ISO 22196 and ISO 21702 effectiveness test (Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Bacillus subtillis, Pseudomonas aureginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella enteritidis, Legionella pnemophila, Coronavirus Feline). The paints and coatings of the Fakolith FoodGrade range contribute to the positive compliance with CE 852/2004, are manufactured under HACCP and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) according to CE 2023/2006 and/or FDA 21 CFR 174.5, improving the hygiene, food and health safety of surfaces and environments.

FIELDS OF USE: Especially suitable for the protection and painting of surfaces up to medium physical-chemical stress, in direct, indirect or occasional contact with food, water for food processing and drinking water. As a finish for open surfaces such as walls, ceilings at indoors and outdoors, on objects and other surfaces, and in immersion in concrete tanks for drinking water.
Mainly used in the food industry but also in the health sector, hospitals, clinics, industry, civil engineering, and public and private buildings in general. Certified for clean rooms.

SERIAL COLORS: Standard colours: Colorless varnish, White RAL 9003, Light Ivory RAL 1015, Oxide Red RAL 3009, Grey RAL 7004, Green RAL 6002, Blue RAL 5012, Yellow RAL 1003 and Black RAL 9017 (Check availability, price and minimum quantity for other FoodGrade Color card or other RAL colours).

APPLY with brush, roller, Airless or Air-Mix.

AVERAGE YIELD: DISPERLITH FoodGrade Elastic has an approximate yield of 3-5 m²/l. in 2 coats for painting and up to 6-19 m²/l. for varnishing. Depending on the texture and absorption of the base it can vary sensibly.

Product for professional use. For a correct application follow the instructions in the technical sheets, application guides and safety data sheets. In case of doubt, consult our technical service.

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