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Press release from Foodgrade Paint about Regulation EU 2018/213

Published on 01-09-2018 by Fakolith Chemical Systems

All Fakolith paints and varnishes suitable for direct and indirect contact with food, comply with the new regulation EU 2018/213, since 2013:

COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2018/213 of 12 February 2018 on the use of bisphenol A in varnishes and coatings intended to come into contact with food and amending Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 as regards the use of that substance in plastic food contact materials.

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The new regulation REGULATION (EU) 2018/213 OF THE COMMISSION that modifies the regulation (EU) 10/2011, was been published as a draft a long time ago. Fakolith, to formulate their paints and food contact varnishes, for the peace of their customers, not only condiders the regulations in force, but also the drafts of future international regulations, both EU and FDA, as well as with the international trend. So that, the application and use of our paints and varnishes, meets the highest legislative requirements for today and the future.

All the Fakolith FoodGrade range of paints and varnishes for food contact, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic or miscellaneous, comply with Regulation REGULATION (EU) 2018/213. Everything is indicated in the Compliance Declaration of each product, being endorsed by the results of tests done in accredited independent laboratories:

This regulation is very important, as from September 6, 2018, it will no longer be possible to introduce paints and varnishes for direct contact with foods on the market that do not comply with Regulation 2018/213, which:

1. Establishes new migration limits for Bisphenol A, will not exceed a specific migration limit of 0.05 mg of BPA per Kg of feed.

2. The use and migration of Bisphenol A in containers and packaging for infant foods, in the sense of EU 609/2013, is prohibited.

3. It is very clear that paints, varnishes and food contact coatings fall within the category of plastics of the EU Framework Regulation 10/2011, and that therefore they must comply not only with the EU regulation 2018/213 in relation to BPA, but also with all the requirements of the regulation of plastics EU 10/2011.

4. Reiterates that paints and varnishes for food contact must inexcusably have the mandatory detailed Compliance Declaration, which will be available in all stages of manufacturing, processing and distribution.

Therefore, users must be aware that paints and varnishes suitable for food contact must comply with extensive regulations that continually change, and to which FAKOLITH devotes important resources of Reserach and Quality Control, to ensure present and future hygiene and food safety for our clients, and their customers.

On the next page we indicate a checklist of the aspects to be met by manufacturers and their manufactured plastics, varnishes and paints for direct contact with food and beverages.

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